Crysis Multiplayer

Crytek/Electronic Arts 2007

I was responsible for designing and building the multiplayer component of Crysis. With a small team, we designed and built the bulk of the game and content in under 8 months.

  • Managed a small team to produce a AAA quality multiplayer experience in under 8 months
  • Adjusting game balance and rolling out new game features based on playtest feedback and group analysis
  • Working with a design team to create, iterate and balance multiplayer levels
  • Organized internal and external play-testing of the multiplayer component of Crysis
  • Worked closely with various departments to execute the needs within the multiplayer department
  • Responsible for personal appraisals, interviews and other management tasks within the department
  • Built and maintained several levels including Mesa

Gameplay footage (not my own!) can be found:


And here: