Crysis (PC)

Responsible for providing the multiplayer content of Crysis with a small team working from scratch to design, produce and balance the game within 8 months. In addition, working on various parts of the single player campaign including the final carrier mission of Crysis and providing support to rest of the development team where necessary.

  • Managed a small team to produce a AAA quality multiplayer experience in under 8 months.
  • Adjusting game balance and rolling out new game features based on playtest feedback and group analysis.
  • Working with a design team to create, iterate and balance multiplayer levels.
  • Organized internal and external play-testing of the multiplayer component of Crysis.
  • Designed and managed UI and interface deliverables for the game.
  • Worked tightly with art to create clear, readable and structured enviroments.
  • Worked closely with various departments to execute the needs within the multiplayer department.
  • Responsible for personal appraisals, interviews and other management tasks within the department.

Carrier assets modeled by Timo Kujansuu and level scripting by Martin Badowsky.

Mor detail on my work on Crysis multiplayer can be found here.

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