FarCry (PC) 2004

After joining Crytek, I worked closely with the lead designer to design and develop a simple multiplayer component to FarCry with a small team in less than 6 months. During my time I took on more production roles to help ship the full title and support other departments as well as working with Ubisoft to gather and implement feedback and close the title for shipping.

  • Designed and developed a simple multiplayer component for FarCry.
  • Ran playtests, created design documentation and implemented balancing.
  • Organized the multiplayer design department and worked with the publisher in gathering and implementing feedback.
  • Provided organizational support, feedback and additional management to the game team during the shipping process.
  • Attended various press and launch events showcasing the tools, game and promoting the studio to potential partners.
  • Working with production to triage issues and organize finalization
  • Physically transported gold master discs to Ubisoft in Paris \o/

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