Crysis 2

Crytek/Electronic Arts 2011

After Crysis shipped, I was part of the initial four team members who began working on it’s sequel, Crysis 2, bringing the Crysis universe to New York and breaking into multi-platform development, I was part of the team responsible for achieving those goals. As Lead level designer I was responsible for ensuring the mission content was delivered to quality and on time with a team of 18 level designers. We also had to ernsure the missions would run smoothly on consoles, as Crytek’s first console title for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

  • Mentoring and encouraging a large team of level designers from conception to production of a AAA title.
  • Work closely with Lead designer, Story Writer and Gameplay producer to ensure Single Player quality from all aspects from Fiction to Game Mechanics to Game Flow and Pacing.
  • Responsible for translating the open sandbox of Crysis 1 to urban, console friendly environments with the same feeling of freedom.
  • Contributing to game design and primary owner of quality within the level design department.
  • Responsible for managing and actively profiling technical performance on three platforms as well as documenting, educating and mentoring designers and others to achieve performance milestones.
  • Working with story writers, creative director and game designers on planning and implementing game missions and improving them based on feedback, focus tests and internal reviews.
  • Primary client to the art department, working closely with them to develop the lighting model, structuring architecture and polishing environments to achieve the desired mood and look of the game.
  • Technical liaison to internal RnD and Code departments, ensuring technical guidelines are met and troubleshooting tech issues and transitioning CryEngine to a multi-platform development.
  • Responsible for personal appraisals, interviews and other management tasks within the department.




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