HUNT: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown (PC)

Forming part of the core team that transitioned HUNT from Crytek Austin and re-booted the project into a unique high tension PvPvE experience. I worked closely with the creative director, studio manager and leads group to develop the title from concept to launch as well as continuous content updates of this early access title.


  • Worked with core team to re-boot HUNT: Showdown into a first person PvPvE title. Setup core pillars, created and evangelized game direction and created guidelines and pipelines for production.
  • Produced and shipped an early vertical slice for E3 2017, publicizing the title at the show and generating hype for the game. Nominated for and winning several best of show awards.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining level design direction for the title, breaking down requirements and ensuring the map development stayed on track.
  • Created rules and guidelines for level creation, playtesting and evaluation as well as developing the high tension/player awareness concepts core to HUNT: Showdown.
  • Worked closely with art and level design to ensure clearly readable and navigable multiplayer spaces.
  • Ran and managed playtesting and feedback sessions.
  • Worked with the public facing side of the community, active in forums, dev streams and on discord engaging with our users on a daily basis.
  • Worked with marketing and community teams to produce trailers, video content and interviews for press and internal content teams.
  • Working telemetry and data gathering teams to analyze the games KPI’s.
  • Managed HUNT’s optimization group after EA launch and shipped several performance patches and updates.
  • Worked with all departments to ship frequent content and technical deliveries to the community, providing 16 updates in the first year.

Content from press and developer diaries that I or my work has appeared in (or times I’ve messed up in front of a camera, take your pick).

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