Valve Software 1999 – 2003

I designed several classic maps for the original Counter-Strike including De_Aztec, De_Inferno, De_Vertigo, CS_Thunder and others including several competitive maps for the CPL $500,000 event in Dallas. I was active in the Counter-strike community until the release of Counter-Strike source when many of the original maps were updated and still continue to be updated and played today.  As an active member of the e-sports community, I also worked closely with top players to design and build competitive maps and update existing missions to make them more e-sport friendly.

In total I worked on 10 official maps that were included in various Counter-Strike updates. You can find the full list here:

Official Counter-Strike Maps:

Airstrip, Aztec, Frantic, Inferno, Otaku, Quarry, Stadium, Thunder, Trailerpark, Vertigo

You can find more unreleased maps from Counter-Strike:Condition Zero here

CPL Tournament Maps:



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